+Carolina.19. “I am an invisible girl who falls for boys that shine like stars”

When I say "Multifandom", I totally mean it.
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taylorswift — This is Emmi or, as she is known of her family’s vlog channel on Youtube, Babytard. She is one of your biggest fans and the gifset you reblogged of her yesterday is from over a year ago before she went to see you on your Red Tour. The Shaytards post videos Monday-Friday on YouTube, and today they posted a vlog of Emmi, and her sister, Avia (Princesstard), reacting to your reblog. Click HERE to see the video for yourself. Her father’s twitter is shaycarl (you can click that for easy access.)

so what are you up to today, working? whatever that means.

Hey, Peter. You dropped something.


Gwen Stacy.


It’s like I got this music in my mind and saying, “It’s gonna be alright.”


1D + tumblr (insp.)

taxi cabs & busy streets taylorswift

Shake It Off: Miranda vs. Taylor